Perianal lesions

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File Number:203005
Date of Image Capture:28/06/2022

Perianal lesions in a 30-year-old cisgender man with HMPX, imaged at lesion day 39.
Located in the perianal region are several scattered lesions that are healed with residual hypopigmentation. These lesions, part of the primary crop of lesions, developed on illness day 6, and were pruritic but nontender.

These lesions were preceded by nasal congestion and a scant dry cough on illness day 1. 28 days after lesion onset, he visited a primary care clinic for perianal itching and was prescribed mometasone 0.1% topical cream for a presumed fungal infection, which he applied for a couple of days. At the time of this image capture, he had minimal residual perianal pruritis.

There was no history of immunocompromising conditions or medications. This man was on Truvada for HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis.


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